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End of tenancy cleaning

Town Cleaning is the right choice for your End of tenancy cleaning for a lot of reasons, but we'll go over the main ones, that separate us from our competitors. All of our cleaners that perform End of tenancy cleaning are carefully vetted and have their backgrounds checked, but the main thing is that we thing is important to our customers is that our cleaners work with a smile on their face and it always makes a difference.

The idea behind Town Cleaning is that cleaning services, shouldn't be all about the cleaning, but about the whole experience before and after the job takes place. Our end of tenancy cleaning begings with the customer reaching out to us, to get a quote for their property and it ends with our accounts department sending the necessary documents, such as receipts or invoices, necessary to prove that the professional cleaning took place.

We care about our customers and believe to that we're the most affordable company for your end of tenancy cleaning, because we charge per item and per room, which makes the final quote, a lot more specific and a lot lower. You could check out our price list in order to get some insights on what the basic fees for each type of property might be. To get a precise quote, you will need to contact our office, by calling, requesting a free quote over the phone, or via email, whichever suites you best.



An end of tenancy cleaning like no other

End of tenancy cleaning
If you're moving to another home, or your tenants have recently left, our end of tenancy cleaning is right for you

Why should you book with a professional cleaning Company

With the reliable and professional cleaning services of Town Cleaning, you know you're in safe hands. We have operated in London for about 10 years already and nowadays we rely on professional training of our employees along with the world class support that our office staff offers the clients that decide to use our services. We have worked hard to ensure that our end of tenancy cleaning checklist is the most extensive one offered by any company in South East England and there are few companies that offer such great value like we do. Our prices are fantastic and our customers are the people we rely on advertising our services.


What benefits do we offer you

Superior than the competition. Town Cleaning's cleaning technicians are superior to their competitors in a lot of ways, but mainly in terms of equipment, detergents and last but not least their friendlyness.

No extra charges or hidden fees . Tired of being exploited by companies and businesses, with their extra charges and fees that you first hear about, when it's already late. Well say no to them and get your end of tenancy cleaning done by Town Cleaning.

Insurance and piece of mind. If you were worried about leaving the property in some stranger's hands, worry no more as all Town Cleaning associates are insured and vetted before being sent to your property. We guarantee that you will only find smiles and great attitude along the whole cleaning session.

No limitations in terms of time. Our end of tenancy cleaning service is the only service that is completely unlimited in time. We don't charge you per hour, but instead per item and per room, which guarantees you the lowest cost possible, with a guarantee of satisfaction.


Why should you hire us 

We don't like bragging, but Town Cleaning's customers reclaim their deposits in full in more  than 90% of the cases. In the rare occasions when our customers fail to get their bonds back in full, the problems are usually with the checkout dates and the late notice, that we got in order to organize the cleaning.


Here's what a reliable cleaning company shoud offer

A couple of guarantees should be included in every end of tenancy cleaning, with the main one being the re-clean guarantee. The reason why a customer pays for this service and not a one off session is the guarantee that the cleaning will include everything and that the company will come back and re-clean if there are issues with the checkout. If you come accross a company that doens't offer this guarantee this, then you're in for a scam and best case scenario, you'll pay for some cleaning, that won't do the trick and you'll still lose a large chunk of your security deposit. 

The other guarantee that a professional company should make is that if something happens in the property their insurance will cover the damages. All of Town Cleaning's associates that work on site are insured, vetted and thoroughly checked before being sent to your property. 

We also offer a wide variety of other services that go along with our end of tenancy cleaning, such as removals services and gardening, which combined cost a lot less than if you pay for them separately.



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