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Hard Floor Cleaning in Shepherdswell, CT15

Hardwood floors are considered to be pricy examples of flooring and many households would like to see their Shepherdswell hardwood floors looking and feeling great for as long as possible. We will be more than happy to show some expert care and professional cleaning attention to your valuable flooring investments, our crews of specially trained cleaning technicians have the skill and knowledge to apply the right cleaning solutions and techniques and bring back floors to their former glory without exposing them to risk of chemical or mechanical damage. Our cleaning technicians will also achieve the best possible results on really demanding flooring surfaces like slate and stone flooring, which require a lot of skill and knowledge to clean and keep in tip top shape without damaging or clouding it.

We are not just like other companies!

Our trained technicians are equipped with specially designed machinery, which leaves stunning results. Moreover - every employee is insured and vetted. Cleaning Floor London applies the most modern methods which successfully fight with the contamination, the discolouration and the scratches. We operate only with Eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning products. In fact, your hard floor is definitely an expensive investment, but after years of use, it has lost its flawless appearance and it became scratched and worn. Trust us and our experts will transform it into the luxurious asset, you’ve always enjoyed! 

Slate and stone floors require special attention. 

Bacteria and other deposits will usually have penetrated deeply into the material by the time surface soiling is visible to the naked eye. The hard floor cleaning specialists:

  • Use modern emulsification, heat and pressurised cleaning technology
  • Treat your floor with an impregnation protector after cleaning
  • Seal the surface to prevent contaminants penetrating the surface of your floor
  • Let you clean and maintain your floor more easily in future!
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